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Saints Nation Bold Predictions – Titans – Preseason W2

So we are going to try something new here and this is Pre-Season for us too. We need your input!
5 of the Saints Nation Blog writers will make 2 bold predictions every week and we will post them here. It’s just for fun, for you to laugh and point at how ridiculous we are and somehow also about how cool it would be if it came true.

What we need from you is the following; tell us what you think about the predictions. Who is just playing it safe, who is boring or who is way too outrageous. Of course you can tell us your own bold predictions or tweak some of ours. Also, if you are willing to make an image we can put up here each week for the Bold Predictions, we welcome your creativity!

We hope you like this and we will make this a weekly recurring thing.

Without further adieu, here they are:

Andrew Juge

  1. Tyrunn Walker scores a touchdown. Yes that’s right!
  2. The Saints don’t make it through the entire game without calling Garrett Hartley on the batphone (this is my way of saying the Saints miss multiple kicks).
Neer Shah
  1. A 3+ INT game for the Saints D, which hasn’t been done for god only knows how long.
  2. Our D limiting the Titans to less than 10 total points in the game.
Andrew Doyle
  1. The Saints will have a Punt or Kickoff return for a TD.
  2. Khiry and Ingram will combine for 250 yards and 2 scores.
Marijn Pessers
  1. Not only does Champ Bailey play, he will also record an INT.
  2. Flanders will score 2 touchdowns

And I saved the boldest for last. It is so bold, it has gone where no-one has gone before!

Brian Pavek

  1. Nick Toon catches 3 touchdowns.
  2. P-Rob will get 2 pick-sixes.