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Saints Nation: Do Annoying Ex Saints Exist?

This is my question to you. Who do you think should shut up about how the Saints go around their business?

I am not talking about a player like Reggie Bush who in his time with the Saints had pretty stupid remarks (seriously, he could be Roddy White stupid maybe). In general I do not talk about players who just left and had some last words. I am talking about "Saints for life", meaning: If you think of that player you think of Saints. Like when you mention Archie Manning you say: Saints! Now Archie was not annoying (I think), but as I've only been a Saints fan for 4 years, I do not have a rich knowledge of the Saints history. So please, answer me this question!

Some examples in the NFL:

First and foremost ex-Patriots and nfl.com analist Willie McGinest. Man how I hate that guy. He knows best. He is the guy that tells the Patriots organisation how to conduct their business. I talked to a friend of mine a while back. He too is Dutch and a Patriots fan. Even he said McGinest should shut his mouth. Willies latest wisdom on the Gronk you can read here. Yes, they even wrote an article about it on NFL.com. It is really the offseason.

McGinest might have been a good player when he was playing with the Patriots but he has left the organization. Some guys are quiet (Colston), some are in love with themselves (Owens/Ochocinco), but McGinest is in love with himself from 10 years ago. He also knows some guys on Patriots staff and roster personally from back then. So he knows how all the locker room issues (even in off-season) should be handled and who should do that. Dude! Let them figure it out themselves. So to McGinest: STFU!

PS I am so glad that NFL.com's ex-Saints Darren Sharper and Heath Evans are so much more likable then McGinest. They know their place.

Joe Namath, mr Jets. The guy is a Jets icon, but in a period when there is a lot of unrest and a lot of talk about the Jets QB situation the last thing the Jets organisation needs is Mr Jets to have his say about the QB situation. He should know better and keep his opinions to himself. So to Namath: STFU!

(Of course it could be that Namath is suffering from something concussion related and his brains are malfunctioning… Just saying…)

Brett Favre. Should he keep his mouth shut? Altough he clearly comes across as having brain damage (the tempo in which he tell a story from his carreer is unbelievably slow), he is a smart guy. He knows that the last 3 years of his carreer have ruined any credibility he might have had. So any time he would open his mouth he knows he should not judge anything. So should he STFU? Yes. But he does! So he is an example of a guy that is not annoying.

So again my question to you: Do you know of any ex Saints that should STFU?