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Saints Nation: Drew Brees Won’t Be Seeing Any of My Money

There have been so many troubles for the Saints this offseason that I have become desensitized to any new stories that come out. At this point, any news that isn’t bad is GREAT. A New Orleans Saints ticket holder has created a website to take donations to give to Drew Brees, as he awaits a new contract. As much as I love and respect Drew, I wouldn’t give him a dime of my own money. I know that he is not personally connected to this website, but what fan in their right mind would give Drew, who is a multi-million dollar man, some of their hard earned money?

I can guarantee that no one who is donating money has more money than Drew. Just because he is awaiting a deal, which will be close to 20 million a year, doesn’t mean he needs money from his supporters. As most of you may know, New Orleans isn’t the safest or cleanest city in the world, so why not put the money into the city that needs it, than to a man that doesn’t? On the website, it says that Brees does so much to the city that he needs a bonus, but Drew will be doing good deeds for the city regardless. The only way to improve the city as a whole, is to give it to the city itself. I do believe that the website shows great passion for the team and lets the team know that the fans are getting impatient to get the deal done, but the donations need to go to the city that is trying to just survive.