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Saints Nation: Fan Predictions for Eagles Game!

A big congrats to JamesMorse for winning this week by picking correctly on the winner (Broncos, which makes me sick), and three of the four categories correctly. JamesMorse now joins AllisonSmith atop the leaderboard with one victory for the season. Nice work James, you're the Saints Nation Guru this week.

This week the Saints take on the Eagles on Monday Night. Here's how it works: I give you four questions and a bonus score prediction for tie breaking purposes. Use the comments section to give me yours predictions on upcoming game, and each week I will crown a "Saints Nation Guru". With that, below are the questions for the Saints @ Eagles. Good luck!

1. How many times will the Saints sack Michael Vick?

2. Which player will lead the Saints in receptions?

3. How many touchdown passes Drew Brees throw?

4. How many turnovers will Michael Vick have?

5. Give me your final score prediction.