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Saints Nation: Expert Feedback on the Spagnuolo Hire

I caught up with a friend who has more intimate knowledge of the St. Louis Rams than most mortal men and is an expert on all things New York Yankees, Orlando Magic, St. Louis Rams and University of Richmond Spiders. Clearly he focuses on having his sports teams spread out regionally so he can cover the four corners of the country. My friend P. P. Philtrum, otherwise known as the Pistachio, has this to say about the Saints hiring Steve Spagnuolo based on his experienced as the head coach of the Rams the past two seasons:

Surely this year’s Rams-Saints game made an impression on Sean Payton, with Spag’s defense sacking Brees six times and intercepting him twice.  Spags went 10 – 38 with the Rams, the team was pathetic on offensive, and his game management skills often left something to be desired.  But he also didn’t have enough good players on both sides of the ball (the GM was fired too), and by all accounts he was a tremendous leader despite the adversity.   Despite the terrible record, there was still some sentiment in St. Louis to keep him.  His deep connections with many of his players was evident, and the team never quit on him.  I like this hire by the Saints.  He was a victim of circumstance in St. Louis, but don’t forget that as defensive coordinator for the Giants, he played an integral role in New York’s Super Bowl upset.

Thanks to P. P. for taking the time to give us his valuable insights. It’s encouraging to see a Rams fan that could justifiably hate Spags speak well of him.