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Saints Nation: Five Possible Targets for the Saints in Round 3 of 2013 Draft

The NFL Draft countdown is officially underway as we are now one month away from April 25th. We've already discussed the options that could and should be available with the 15th pick, and as we zero in on the draft date we will obviously continue to do so. As free agency is starting to slow down and the draft is nearing, the focus of these posts will be starting to shift towards prospect new players. Since the Saints had their 2nd round pick unjustly yanked from them, I thought I'd present five players that I believe should be available around the 75th pick when the Saints are back on the clock in the 3rd round. Here are five guys I wouldn't mind seeing on the roster:

1. Corey Lemonier, DE/OLB, Auburn: Lemonier projects as a 2nd or 3rd rounder, so it's a toss up if he'll be on the board at 75. He projects as a 3-4 OLB in the Saints' scheme, and he has fantastic length, speed and athleticism which would make him an intriguing prospect and development. I doubt he comes in and starts right away because he needs some development. Still, he's so athletic the Saints will find a place for him in spot duty. The big question will be whether or not he drops to 75.

2. Robert Alford, CB, SE Lousiana: The local product is the brother of former LSU and brief Saint corner Fred Booker. Alford has exceptional speed and he's an excellent cover corner. He'd also contribute on special teams and he'd be a massive upgrade over Johnny Patrick in my opinion.

3. Tony Jefferson, FS, Oklahoma: I love this guy. He's physical, tough, and a ball hawk. The only knock on him are his measureables: ie height and speed. But some guys just know how to play football and he's one of them. I believe he could start in year one with the Saints if they are willing to overlook his height and be productive. 

4. Sam Montgomery, DE, LSU: Word is he's going to drop to the 3rd round, and man, he'd be a great 3-4 end. He's a complete player in my opinion and would be a steal.

5. Brandon Williams, NT, Missouri Southern St.: This guy is a mammoth 335 pound 3-4 nose tackle. He'd give the Saints some nice inside plug ability with his size as a rotation player.

Who would you like to see the Saints draft in the 3rd round, besides Tyrann Mathieu? Because I know you all want him.