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Saints Nation: Georgia Bloggers’ Thoughts John Jenkins

I was able to catch up with two very good Georgia bloggers earlier this week to get the scoop on John Jenkins and they both had interesting things to say so I wanted to share this with you.

This comes from Deke Wiggins over at The Dawgbone:

I would say the consensus on Jenkins by most Dawg fans is he is a talent who underperformed during his senior year mostly because he got so heavy (and many say lazy). He is extremely quick for his size and even played some defensive end in most games last year to get our best players on the field. He was a JC transfer so he only played two years at UGA. He had a solid junior year when he played around 335 lbs. Last year he was up to about 370 and didn't have the endurance he needed. That being said, apparently he is back down to around 335 or so, which is his ideal playing weight. If he stays there he should be a good player. Again, his strength is he is very quick for his size but he needs to keep his weight under control. I'm pulling for him.

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And below is from Tyler Dawgden of Georgia Sports Blog:

Clearly, John's biggest attribute is his size and strength. He is also very quick for his size, so he oftentimes engages multiple blockers on multiple levels. Having played in Todd Grantham's 3-4 has prepared him for the technique he'll be asked to play in the League, so his learning curve isn't so steep. His ability to engage multiple blockers will help the speed rushers get into the backfield more effectively.  His conditioning has been called into question. Furthermore, he can be worked outside of his gap, especially against offenses that effectively move the pocket. He makes up for that on running plays with his arm length, strength, and ability to disengage blockers quickly. On passing plays, that could be a problem against mobile QBs and demonstrated by other linemen being free to pick up delay blitzes or stunts.


Good stuff. Thanks so much to Deke and Tyler both for the time. Thoughts based on this expert feedback? It sounds like he'll be an asset as nose as long as he keeps his weight under control.