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Saints Nation Guru #11 – Redskins

Ugh. I just hit a wrong button and the post was submitted, missing a field so I lost everything. … Andrew why did you sign up with these guys for this blog *sobs silently*

Ok. Here I go again. Previously in this season I have asked: “Who is this defense?” Right now I am asking: “Who is this offense?”. 88 yards in 9 plays, all on the ground. And then when Brees wants to throw he gets a free run to the endzone for 7 more yards. 23 rushing plays in a row at some point. Brees did not throw for a TD in 2 games and we outscored the offense by 56 points.
Lets hope they will not become arrogant and stay grounded. That is the only thing that can make them lose at this point. Especially in the dome. This revived 7 wins in a row team will have the loudest fans there are in one of the loudest stadiums in the world. Right now I do not give any team a chance winning from this Saints team, especially in the dome.

On to the Guru; This was the Okafor/Rankins game defense wise. They were top in all the stats I asked about (except for tackles). Leading Safety Tackler was Bell with 11 in total who lead the whole team in tackles. PJ. Williams was the only CB with a defended pass. Harris (S) and Okafor, Rankins and Onyemata had 1 each as well. The leading LB tackler was Te’o with 9 and the leading D-Linemen who had the most sacks were Okafor and Rankins with 1 each. Both of these guys were also the only guys with QB hits and they Combined for 3.

That means that El Imanov goes up a rank and share the lead in a 3-way. He had Okafor correct and the bonus question (1). All of the other guys had 1 correct except for this one sucky loser named… lemme check… Oh… This is embarrassing… It is me. Oh well, now I am also a “proud” owner of the Falcons cup. It was bound to happen. I have been bailed out too many times this year.

The leaderboard:

Saints Nation Guru

2 Micheal L. Stolfi
Mateus João Feldhaus
El Imanov
1 Chris Smith
Andrew Juge
Marijn Pessers

Falcons Cup

3 Tim Pearson
2 Micheal L. Stolfi
1 Joseph Lopez
Andrew Juge
El Imanov
Marijn Pessers

This weeks questions:

They are all on the offense; and the first 4 questions have all a bonus question. Bonus questions give you an extra point, only if you have the original question correct.

  1. How many recorded Rushes do Saints QBs have? Note: kneel-downs count! Bonus question; For how many yards (you can be off by 3)?
  2. Which Saints RB has the most All Purpose Yards (Rushing and receiving)? Bonus question: How many yards (you can be off by 10)?
  3. Which Saints WR has the most Yards receiving? Bonus question: How many yards (you can be off by 10)?
  4. Which Saints Tight End has the most Receptions? Bonus question: How many?
  5. Tie-Breaker: The total yards the Saints get on offense?