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Saints Nation Guru #12 – Rams

I keep saying this about every week; but this is a new highlight. This season is going to make a hell of a highlight reel for a drunken podcast. I had a heartbeat of 150 at some point. There are so many things that went the Saints way. We all knew what these things were and to see them come true one by one. A TD, PAT, stop on 3rd down, TD, 2PT conversion, stopping the Redskins and then scoring… And that is not even mentioning all the stuff that went the Saints way at the end of both halves.

Next week I expect a loss. Rams are good  and Saints need to find a way to overcome the injuries they have now. Mauti covering TEs is not way to go. I hope Payton saw something last Rams game that will give them the edge, but at least we are not having a losing season this year. Goals met.

The guru this year… It started out with a lot of good answers and I had 0. Thank god, for me, the Saints offense was a gazillion yards and I had the highest number of yards on the Tie-breaker. The answers; there was 1 QB rush for 2 yards; Ingram was the top rusher for 155 yards and Thomas was the top WR with 91 yards. Fleener showed up and had the most receptions (5). There were 375 yards receiving and 160 yards rushing, a total of 535 yards.

This means that El Imanov wins the Guru with 5 points and he now becomes the sole leader and creates a bit of separation from the other guys chasing him! Mateus João Feldhaus, who is now second in the Guru gets himself on the Falcons cup this week with 0 correct answers and “only” 400 yards on offense predicted.

The leaderboard:

Saints Nation Guru

3 El Imanov
2 Micheal L. Stolfi
Mateus João Feldhaus
1 Chris Smith
Andrew Juge
Marijn Pessers

Falcons Cup

3 Tim Pearson
2 Micheal L. Stolfi
1 Joseph Lopez
Andrew Juge
El Imanov
Marijn Pessers
Mateus João Feldhaus

This weeks questions:

  1. What is the number of TDs the Saints defense allows?
  2. Will there be a Saint with multiple Sacks?
  3. Will any Saints player get more then 100 yards receiving?
  4. Will any Saints player get more then 100 yards rushing?
  5. Tie-Breaker: Score prediction?