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Saints Nation Guru #14 – Falcons

Falcons hate week is here. The Saints are heading towards the leaking asshole of Megatron to tear the Falcons a new one, not that Matt Ryan doesn’t know how to use his own. We had a great game against the Panthers but against the Falcons this game will be different. Ryan knows how to pass fast and is a way better passer then Newton and he has better receivers. Lattimore back is a must here. Short week; less time for hate week, less time to enjoy Newton crying.. let’s just beat the Falcons in their home and show them who is boss!

The answers from last weeks (and week 3) questions; Yes Kikaha had more then 10 snaps; 20 even. You would not say it. he was pretty invisible. Yes Crawley was active. Sadly that question was more real then should have been. The leading RB (which can not be Mike Thomas since he is no RB) was Alvin Kamara. It was closer then you would think because of Ingram’s 72 yard run Ingram had 122 yards from scrimmage. Just 4 less then Kamara. There were only 2 sacks and the defense, although allowing 3 TDs they only allowed 279 yards total (167 passing and 112 rushing).

There were 2 guys that had 4 answers correct. Andrew Juge and Micheal L. Stolfi. In the tie-breaker Andrew was closest with 313 so that means that from only 1 win 2 weeks ago he now is sharing the number 1 spot for this season with El Imanov.
On the other side, the Falcons cup looks to have been locked up. With only 2 answers correct Tim Pearson has added one more Falcons cup to his total and is now at least 2 up on the rest.

The leaderboard:

Saints Nation Guru

3 El Imanov
Andrew Juge
2 Micheal L. Stolfi
Mateus João Feldhaus
1 Chris Smith
Marijn Pessers

Falcons Cup

4 Tim Pearson
2 Micheal L. Stolfi
Marijn Pessers
1 Joseph Lopez
Andrew Juge
El Imanov
Mateus João Feldhaus

This weeks questions:

  1. Does Lattimore play?
  2. Which Saint LB has the most Tackles (& bonus question: how many)?
  3. Will Kamara score a TD (for the 7th game in a row) ?
  4. Will the Saints allow more then 2 TDs?
  5. Tie-breaker: Final score?