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Saints Nation Guru: Fan Predictions for Cowboys Game!

Ladies and gentlemen we now have a tie atop the standings! JamesMorse is our Saints Nation Guru this week for his predictions last week and he's now tied with MarijnPessers for the lead with two season wins, so it's no longer lonely at the top. Marijn asked me how the $50 gift card works if we have multiple winners at the end of the season, and well, I see two possibilities. Either the cash gets divided up amongst the tied winners – or maybe we can have a Super Bowl prediction to break the tie. I'll leave that up to vote once the season ends. After all, the winners should have some say in it. There are still two weeks left, so you can still get in the mix by winning the last two weeks, and you're still very much alive if you already have one win.

Here's how Saints Nation Guru works. Every week I ask four questions plus a bonus question for tie breaking purposes. The winner gets recognition in the following week's post, and gets added to the overall standings with weekly wins. At the end of the season, the person with the most weekly wins will receive a $50 gift card to the NFL store to purchase Saints gear (hopefully). To enter, write your predictions in the comment section. Here are this week's questions for the road game against the Cowboys:

1. Which defensive player on the Saints will register the first tackle of the game? (special teams and offensive plays don't count)

2. How many field goals will Garrett Hartley make in this game?

3. How many times will the Saints sack Tony Romo?

4. Which player will lead the Saints in yards gained from scrimmage in this game (passing yards don't count)?

BONUS: Final score prediction

Guru Standings:

1. MarijnPessers 2

1. JamesMorse 2

3. swebbmann 1

3. AllisonSmith 1

3. Ellmanov 1

3. SaintsNation 1

3. Eliza18s 1