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Saints Nation Guru: Fan Predictions for Raiders Game!

The Saints Nation Guru from last week's predictions for the Atlanta game is swebbmann who picked 3 out of 4 questions correctly. Congrats, you are the Saints Nation Guru and you're now tied with AllisonSmith, JamesMorse and yours truly atop the leaderboard. This is going to be a dead heat for the rest of the season, I can feel it. We'll see if we get a new winner this week to join us at the top of the mountain, or if one of the four current leaders can separate themselves from the pack. By now you know the drill, answer the four questions below in the comment section, PLUS a bonus for tiebreaking purposes.

1. Which of the four Saints' backs (Ivory, Sproles, Ingram, Thomas) will lead the Saints in touches?

2. Which player will make the Saints' first tackle of the game? (offense, defense or special teams – no exceptions)

3. Who will lead the Saints in receiving yards?

4. How many touchdown passes will Drew Brees have?

BONUS: What distance will be Sebastian Janikowski's longest field goal make in the game?