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Saints Nation Guru: Make Your Prediction For the 49ers Game

Congrats to critter4319 for being a first time winner last week! He/she didn't have a picture on the profile so I had to pick Brees consoling Romo instead. If you want a pic to be pimped in the post you win for added glory you have to update your profile with a picture people! Anyway, we're moving on to the 49ers now. 

Make your predictions for the 49ers game and try to win a $50 gift card to NFL.com at the end of the season. Here's how it works: answer each of the five questions below (5th question is the tiebreaker) in the comment section. If you win, you automatically go into the standings as a weekly winner for the season. The person with the most weekly wins at the end of the season will win the $50 gift card. Good luck, here are the questions:

1. How many yards rushing will Frank Gore get on his first carry of the game?

2. How many times will the Saints sack Colin Kaepernick?

3. Who will score the Saints' first offensive touchdown of the game?

4. Who will lead the Saints in receiving yards in this game?

5. Score prediction



1. Eliza18s and Gary J. 2.33

3. swebbmann 1.33

4. MarijnPessers, critter4319 and jdup22 1