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Saints Nation Guru: Make Your Predictions for the Bucs Game!

Hope everyone had a great holiday! I had a pretty good one, getting back to back champ in my 13 year fraternity league, which earned me a decent chunk of change. You'll be happy to know I rode Drew Brees as my QB all the way to title town. This despite not his best game on Sunday. I'm also happy that it looks like I won't have to pay anyone $50, as my wife has all but seized the guru title with another weekly win. Only Gary J. can catch her at this point and tie for first place. But we should all participate anyway to see who wins week 17. 

Make your predictions for the Bucs game and try to win a $50 gift card to NFL.com at the end of the season. Here's how it works: answer each of the five questions below (5th question is the tiebreaker) in the comment section. If you win, you get your picture pimped on the blog the following week and you automatically go into the standings as a weekly winner for the season. The person with the most weekly wins at the end of the season will win the $50 gift card. Good luck, here are the questions:

1. At the end of the day, where do the Saints up end in the standings? (possibilities are 2 seed, 5 seed, 6 seed or out of the playoffs)

2. Who scores the Saints' first offensive touchdown?

3. How does the Saints' first defensive position end? (turnover, safety, punt, touchdown or field goal)

4. Which player on the Saints will have the most pass receptions in this game?

5. bonus: final score prediction



1. Eliza18s 3.33

2. Gary J. 2.33

3. MarijnPessers and jdupp22 2

5. swebbmann 1.33

6. jdavidyblack, RickySpanish, SaintsNation and critter4319 1