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Saints Nation: Holden’s Idea of a Perfect Offseason

After reading Zac’s article, I would like to give my input of a perfect offseason. I tend to agree with some stuff, but I also have some disagreements with Zac. Let’s review it.

Things I agree with:

I fully agree that Devery Henderson should go. Besides being a great blocker, his deep threat presence is all but gone. Add to the fact that Joseph Morgan has proven himself as a deep threat, Henderson is done. Same for Courtney Roby. He is a non-threat as a receiver and hasn’t been as good on special teams. I believe we can cut ties with the both of them. I have also mentioned that I love Junior Galette, so of course, I agree that Galette should stay. When on the field, he has proven that he can be effective. I also believe that he will be even more effective in a 3-4 defense. Lastly, I also believe Vilma should stay. I believe Vilma should stay mainly because of leadership and depth at linebacker. He can still be an effective linebacker.

Things I disagree with:

Elbert Mack. When reading that the Saints should let him go, I was like what?! Everytime I saw Mack on the field, he was making a play. I do not believe Mack will be a starter, but due to lack of depth at cornerback anyway. I think he would be a very solid backup. Same with Turk Mcbride. Unless the Saints can sign some defensive ends, they are thin at defensive end. Turk can be a solid backup and provide depth. Also I believe releasing Will Smith would be a bad move. Yes, I know he is aging, but my reasoning is because the Saints have no depth and Will Smith is still a starter, in my opinion. I think with a 3-4 Galette and Martez Wilson move to linebacker, leaving defensive end thin. I believe Smith will be good in a 3-4 anyway. However, I would restructure his contract.

Free Agency:

As free agency quickly approaches, more and more veterans are being or going to be released. As I look at the Saints roster, what can’t be fixed on defense? I do believe that corner and defensive end should be at the top of the list for free agency (Also remember the draft will fill needs). So who can the Saints look for? My number one guy would be Ed Reed. He could step in and be the ball hawk we have needed since Sharper retired. Plus that would give the Saints the opportunity to either move Harper to linebacker, or move Jenkins back to corner. I also would take a chance on Adrian Wilson. I know he hasn’t been as good lately, but he is a veteran who can still play. I believe he would be looking to prove that too. Other than those two players, I would just look to add depth at the thin positions who can step up and play and give our starters a break.

What say you?