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Saints Nation: Introducing Fan Predictions!

My friend Marijn had the bright idea to start a more interactive part of gameday week with five questions posed to YOU, the fans. I’ll ask you five questions each week, and you just need to give me five answers below in the comment section. I’ll keep track of how everyone does, and the winner will be crowned the weekly Saints Nation Guru. I’ll come up with a clever way to enshrine you, too, by giving you an appropriate shout out on the blog for a week. With that, below are five questions that require your predictions for the Saints-Bucs game. Good luck!

1. Which player will lead the Saints in rushing yards in this game?

2. How many interceptions will Drew Brees throw?

3. Which Player will score the Saints’ first touchdown?

4. How many sacks will the Saints record in this game?

5. Tiebreaker: Give your final score prediction.