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Saints Nation: Jimmy Graham Bent Falcons’ Goalpost on Purpose
Drew Brees called Jimmy Graham a freak child when talking about the goalpost incident right after the Thursday night Falcons game. Why not a freak man? Well, Jimmy is a bit childish, but in a fun way. Drew Brees knows that the goalpost incident is not an incident, it is the signature TD celebration in the Georgia Dome for Jimmy Graham. They meant to bend the goalpost! So this tweet is not sincere and I know Jimmy smiled from ear to ear posting this tweet: 


I remembered this was done before! I could not find where and started to doubt that it was even Graham that did it until I found this site. Here (April 2012) Jimmy states: "One of my favorite moments last year was playing in Atlanta. I scored a touchdown and whenever I dunked it, I bent the goal-post. Instantly, I felt like it had moved so I looked back and realized it was slanted. That was probably one of my favorite moments from last year for myself."
I tell you this, it was a goalpost bending that has been planned for at least a year. Last year Drew Brees failed to throw any touchdown. There is no need to check the books. That is the game Drew Brees had his TD streak broken. So this year Drew did throw a touchdown and it was to Jimmy Graham. So naturally Jimmy dunked it, as usual, after which he decided to hang on for dear life and this time on a Thursday night nationally aired game he showed the world the crappy quality of the material in Atlanta. 
Great showmanship? Childish behaviour? It is both. I am just glad this guy is on our team! WHO DAT!