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Saints Nation: LSU’s Ryan Baker Getting a Tryout Shot with Saints

The Saints are officially back to work with the first rookie minicamp now open and a roster of players was released with a few notable surprises. One is former LSU star linebacker Ryan Baker (pictured). I thought Baker had a decent shot at being a 7th round draft choice, and I figured he was a shoe in to get a rookie free agent contract somewhere. Instead, he’s had to settle for a rookie tryout with the Saints while sharing the number 79 with another player. Probably not what he had in mind going into the process, but it would be nice to see him make a run at the practice squad. Unfortunately for Baker he’s going to have to turn in nothing short of some incredible practices to get noticed because the Saints are incredibly deep at his position. When you don’t have a rookie contract it’s an uphill battle to get a chance. Unfortunately for Baker it could all be over by Sunday, and even if he doesn’t make the Saints his best shot at getting noticed is to get some preseason game reps somewhere. Best of luck to him!

Another notable is veteran QB Brian Brohm who is getting a veteran tryout. Brohm was a star at Louisville and he threw to Randy Moss when Moss came to work out for the Saints. In his 3 year NFL career, though, Brohm has had no touchdown passes and 5 interceptions despite high hopes after being drafted in the 2nd round.

Per the Saints’ official website:

“The New Orleans Saints will conduct five practices during Rookie Minicamp starting with two practices on Friday, May 11, two on Saturday, May 12 and concluding on Sunday, May 13 with one practice.”

A few Saints veterans will also participate: QB Sean Canfield, WR Andy Tanner, LB Nate Bussey, DT Swanson Miller and DE Greg Romeus.