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Saints Nation: NFC South Lines Today

With the Saints playing tomorrow we're left to passively watch football and root for other outcomes. The two main games of interest, of course, are in the NFC South. I wanted to look at these games specifically and see what the spreads are. It's just two games, mind you, because the Carolina Panthers are already settled into their bye week. I do think that's a good think as it throws them on ice after a huge win over the Giants to rebound their record to 1-2. Side note, don't forget to make your predictions on the Monday night game HERE if you haven't already. Here's what we've got to keep an eye on:

Cardinals (1-2) at Buccaneers (0-3)

spread – Tampa favored by 2.5

The Cardinals are coming off a 31-7 drubbing in New Orleans and the Bucs are coming off a 23-3 embarrassment in New England. Tampa will start rookie Mike Glennon at quarterback, who they drafted in the 3rd round. To me he was a slightly above average quarterback at NC State, so I have a hard time seeing him succeed in the NFL. Maybe he'll prove me wrong. Both teams are desperate for a win, but Tampa's offense is completely in shambles. They've yet to break 20 points and have scored just 34 points in three games. I know that of those 34, 7 come from a pick six. I just think Glennon will make this Bucs' offense even worse, at least at first. I'm taking the Cardinals and the 2.5 points, and I'm counting on the Bucs to drop to 0-4.


Patriots (3-0) at Falcons (1-2)

spread Falcons by 2.5

If the Falcons drop this game at home they will match their loss total of 2012 just four games into the season. The Falcons are already two games back and down a tiebreaker to the Saints in the NFC South standings, so this is a very important game. Trailing 3 games and a tiebreaker with 12 games left is a pretty tall mountain to climb. Further, while the Patriots are 3-0 they have done so in rather unimpressive fashion. Danny Amendola and Rob Gronkowski remained out, limiting the weapons Tom Brady has at his disposal. This is an important game at home for the Falcons, and one the Patriots can afford to lose on the road against an NFC team given the way they've started. I just think the Patriots easy schedule has been beneficial to their record, but it's about to catch up with them. And the Falcons at home will play their best football after the debacle last week in Miami. The Falcons win and cover, but I hope I'm wrong. The one caveat is how banged up the Falcons are, but the Patriots are too.

the others games:

I'm taking the Ravens (-3) at the Bills

I'm taking the Bengals (-3.5) at the Browns

I'm taking the Lions (-3) vs. the Bears

I'm taking the Texans (+2) vs. the Seahawks

I'm taking the Jaguars (+8.5) vs. the Colts

I'm taking the Chiefs (-4) vs. the Giants 

I'm taking the Vikings (+3) vs. the Steelers

I'm taking the Jets (+3.5) at the Titans

I'm taking the Eagles (+10.5) at the Broncos

I'm taking the Redskins (-3.5) at the Raiders

I'm taking the Chargers (+1) vs. the Cowboys