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Saints Nation: NFC South This Week

Here’s what’s on tap in the NFC South this week:

Saints @ Panthers (1pm EST)
Bucs @ 49ers (4:05pm EST)
Packers @ Falcons (8:20pm EST)

All three games are on Sunday. The game is important for the Saints because it’s their first divisional opponent and Tampa is already 1-0 in the division. Currently Tampa holds the tiebreaker because of that divisional win, so the Saints could even that up in the standings with a win at Carolina. The Falcons have a very tough matchup against the Packers and a loss would drop them to 2-3 for the season. While not fatal by any means, it would be a tough blow to the Falcons’ chances of keeping up with the Bucs and Saints. The Bucs seem to be playing mediocre ball so far this season but just find ways to win. They didn’t look good against a very depleted Colts team on Monday night and they won their other two games by a combined 7 points. Yet they stand at 3-1 atop the NFC South standings. A game in San Francisco is every bit as winnable, too, so unless the Bucs drop their current form I woudln’t be the least bit surprised to see the Bucs and Saints going into next week’s game both 4-1.

My predictions this week:

Saints 34 Panthers 17
Bucs 24 49ers 13
Packers 45 Falcons 21