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Saints Nation: NFL Player Comes to Joe Morgan’s “Rescue”
First of all you should know that "rescue" in the title is in quotes because it is meant sarcastically. So Joe Morgan's publicly known first offense for DWI, though it being a high percentage, might not get as harshly punished as some might fear. The general fear is that when Goodell can single out a Saints player and he will be harsh on him because, well, he is a Saint. I do not know if Goodell is a vindictive man (I think he is), but I do not think he liked his decision to punish Saints players to be overturned.
Now there is good news coming from Chicago.
 At least… I hope it is. This article on nfl.com is a short story on Evan Rodriguez, a Chicago TE, who was arrested for a DUI and minor other things. It was his second run-in with the law, but charges for the first one were dropped.
DUI and DWI are inexcusable to me, let that be clear. I view DUI is exactly the same as manslaughter (of some sort of degree) with only one difference, that the driver was lucky enough there was just nobody around to kill with his/her car. Morgan should get punished by law and by the Saints organization; and if it happens a second time it is the exit door for him as far as I am concerned. But as far as suspensions go… Rodriguez had a second encounter with the law for the same offense. Charges were dropped, yes, but as far as personal conduct goes in the NFL, I think it does count. As far as logic suggests there is no way that even a slimy Goodell can punish Morgan just as hard as Rodriguez. So if Rodriguez might get a 2 game suspension the worst Morgan can get is 1 game.