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Saints Nation: NFL Rankings 1 through 32

The NFL “experts” on NFL.com were asked to rank each team, 1-32, and the Saints figured anywhere from 1 to 9 depending on the “expert”. Here’s how each individual pegged the Saints at this point:

Gil Brandt: Saints 6th
Pat Kirwan: Saints 8th
Steve Wyche: Saints 1st
Vic Carucci: Saints 9th
Jason LaCanfora: Saints 5th
Bucky Brooks: Saints 2nd
Charles Davis: Saints 6th

Some were generous, others were harsh. Still, Vic Carucci, the Saints are 9th overall? Seriously? Come on Vic, let’s be real. He’s got the Bears and Chargers ranked ahead of Saints. Wow.

Personally I think the Saints belong…

in the top 5. It’s hard to put them ahead of the Packers and Steelers, and you can certainly make a case for the Patriots, Jets and Falcons being ranked ahead as well. I think my top 5 looks like this right now:

1. Packers
2. Steelers
3. Patriots
4. Saints
5. Jets