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Saints Nation: Preparing for Life Without Sean Payton

We learned Monday that Sean Payton’s appeal was denied and that his year long suspension will commence next Monday, April 16th. The Saints will use the upcoming days to design a plan of attack for how things will go in this unprecedented time. The first question is obviously: who will be the head coach? Joe Vitt (suspended the first 6 games), Pete Carmichael, Steve Spagnuolo and Aaron Kromer are the names that have been thrown out as possibilities. The Bill Parcells dream seems to have hit it’s end as it’s been reported that is no longer in play and the Saints have turned to their own staff to promote from within. If you read that linked article it sounds like the most likely scenario is Joe Vitt becoming the head coach with Aaron Kromer running things during his 6 week absence. I’m on board with this idea because I think Carmichael and Spagnuolo both have enough to focus on.

The Saints would be wise to move swiftly, I think, but the uncertainty that has plagued this entire offseason is what’s been by far most unnerving to everyone. The team, the organization, the players, the fans, the coaches… everyone. The theories and pot shots the media keeps coming in because this story has stalled are exhausting. We need some resolution here and it’s time to move on. Same goes for the player suspensions which can’t be announced fast enough. At this point I think it’s fair to feel like we just want to know.