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Saints Nation: Ralph Malbrough and Hans Peterson Review Saints’ 1987 Season

I'm delayed in plugging this but there was no way I was letting this masterpiece sit idle without giving it it's due recognition. Granted Canal Street Chronicles is a Saints blog that gets plenty of traffic without my help, more than this site will ever see, but this is just too good to not contribute my part in directing Saints fans towards it. My good friends Hans and Ralph collaborated on this to give you an in depth review of the 1987 Saints' season in four installments. This brought back some wonderful memories and I promise you it's time well spent, whether you were around and you're just feeling nostalgic or you're a newer/younger fan and you want a little taste of Who Dat history. This season was special because it was the first time the Saints were widely recognized as "good" and it was also the first time they made the playoffs.

Here are the four installments:


What great work boys! I have to admit I always expect great things from Ralph and Hans but they outdid themselves with this documentary, complete with video and great storytelling. Enjoy!