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Saints Nation: Rams Hot in Pursuit of Scott Shanle

Similar to the value the Browns saw in Scott Fujita an offseason ago, the Rams are pushing hard to land the services of incumbent Saints’ starter and linebacker Scott Shanle. Shanle has been a reliable starter for the Saints for the entire Sean Payton era, or 5 full seasons now.

No question, the Rams not only value Shanle’s ability, they also like his experience, leadership qualities and his character. We already saw what kind of money the Browns were willing to throw Fujita’s way for a proven winner and hard working linebacker. Shanle has already been in advanced discussions with St. Louis and has scheduled a visit.

This is going to be a tough position for the Saints because I don’t think they can afford to pay Shanle…

what the Rams can pay him, and the Rams have made it very clear they want him. This one is going to boil down to how much of a pay cut Shanle is willing to take to remain in black and gold. As tight as we were with Fujita, he made the call not to stick around for less money. I fear #58 may be on his way out too. He’s not Fujita, though, and he loves the Saints… so we’ve got that going for us. Personally I hope we retain him.