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Saints Nation: Randy Moss Trying Out for Saints Makes a Bad Week Worse

The efforts to which the Saints have gone to make me hate them this week have been unbelievable. First they don’t extend Drew Brees which forces them to franchise tag him, which in turn exposes Carl Nicks to unrestricted free agency and a wide open market. That’s just stupid. Then, they get busted for funding a bounty program that was either ignored, accepted or even directed by some of their biggest figure heads on the staff. Now they bring in Randy Moss for a workout? Are you serious, Saints?

Remember how I used to brag on both the intelligence and good character of the people around the Saints locker room? That’s been put into serious question now multiple times this week. Of course this is nothing new. We’ve decided to ignore warning signs that there have been flaws with the Saints’ character before. Keeping a guy like Mike Ornstein hanging around was one major warning sign. The Kevin Houser fiasco that involved questionable tax moves and scams was a major warning sign. Sean Payton and Joe Vitt allegedly involved in a vicodin scandal was a major warning sign. These and many more things left both Saints Nation and Jeff Duncan of the Times-Picayune wondering if the issues were a sign of a bigger problem back in 2010. In the end most of us swept these things under the rug because the Saints were so fun to watch and they were winning. I believe the Saints are still “intelligent” but not as much as I used to give them credit for – when you consider Brees getting tagged, Nicks essentially being allowed to walk, and now Randy Moss coming in for a visit. My faith in their ability to make the right moves has been compromised. I’m not sure I believe any longer they are full of good character people from the top on down, either. And that makes me all of a sudden wonder if Randy Moss would fit right in… not in a good way.

Anyway, back to Moss. Why are we even considering this clown? Moss will be given a tryout by the Saints as hack quarterback Brian Brohm throws passes to him. This is the same Moss who didn’t play football in 2011 and the same Moss who played for three different teams in 2010 because he had declined enough that his attitude finally outweighed his talent. This is the same Moss that doesn’t write checks because he’s rich:

This is the same Moss that plays when he wants to play:

Yeah, um, no thanks Saints. If they think they’re getting anything close to a replacement for Colston and/or Meachem with this clown they need to wake up. Randy Moss is notorious for taking plays off and not trying when it comes to blocking. Meachem and Colston, by comparison, are known as two of the very best blocking receivers in the entire league. You think Brees grew visibly frustrated with Reggie Bush’s lack of concentration? Putting him to work with Moss is a disaster waiting to happen. So again, no thanks. This would be a huge downgrade, a locker room cancer, and he’s not even that good anymore. You’ve already been stupid enough this week, Saints, and you’re already stupid for bringing him in. Don’t be so stupid that you sign him, especially when your character flaws are already showing bright. In a fragile time for the organization, adding a character problem like Moss is the worst publicity you could ask for. No thanks.

Do you want to take a flier on Moss?