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Saints Nation: Recap of Saints’ Free Agency Day 1

There's lots to cover with what's happened so far today so let's dive right in. The big news is that Jonathan Vilma and Will Smith have both agreed to pay cuts to remain with the team, putting the Saints well below the salary cap. Personally I'm a huge fan of this because you don't fix a horrible defense by gutting it. You build on top of a foundation, no matter how broken, and add depth. I'm happy to see both remain as a more talented youthful core continues to develop. Vilma and Smith can be part of developing that core as they are both reputed leaders.

While two old faces will thus remain, two other old faces are now gone. The Saints will say goodbye to Chase Daniel, who signed a three year contract to back up Alex Smith in Kansas City. They also released Will Herring to save cap room, which I'm fine with as he would have never really fit in a 3-4 system anyway. Not worried about Herring in the least, who has been a flop as a reserve, but the Saints need to get themselves a backup quarterback.