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Saints Nation’s 2013 Mock 1st Round NFL Draft, Version 2.0

This is the second, and last, mock draft I will do. Here was the previous entry if you are curious. I've had a little more time to study team needs and the draft prospects, so I'm giving this exercise one final try as we're inside a week of the real thing. Here we go:

1. Chiefs select T Luke Joeckel, Texas A&M: I'm sticking to my guns on this one. It's between Joeckel and Eric Fisher, the top two tackles in the draft.

previous pick: Luke Joeckel

2. Jaguars select DE Dion Jordan, Oregon: This pick for me is between QB Geno Smith and Dion Jordan. I know Blaine Gabbert is their qb but the new regime has no ties to him and they like Geno Smith very much. Ultimately, I keep going back to the fact that they only had 20 sacks last year.

previous pick: Dion Jordan

3. Raiders select DT Sharriff Floyd, Florida: It's pretty much a universal consensus at this point that Floyd is going third overall. The Raiders love him.

previous pick: Sharriff Floud

4. Eagles select QB Geno Smith, West Virginia: This is where it gets really tricky and the predictions are all over the place. Eric Fisher and Geno Smith could still throw a wrench in that top three I've listed above, but in this mock I have them both available at four and the most seriously under consideration for the Eagles. I just think if the Eagles don't take him here a trade will ensure Geno goes top 5. They are done with Vick and Andy Reid isn't there to protect him anymore.

previous pick: Eric Fisher

5. Lions select T Eric Fisher, Central Michigan: Protecting Matt Stafford is the priority and Fisher is the #1 player some people's board.

previous pick: Dee Milliner

6. Browns select CB Dee Milliner, Alabama: A lot of people have the Browns trading out of this point or considering a pass rusher, which they need, but Milliner is arguably the best defensive player in the draft.

previous pick: ZIggy Ansah

7. Cardinals select T Lane Johnson, Oklahoma: I have the top three tackles going in the top 7 simply because there's just too many teams desperate for offensive line help. The Cardinals were a train wreck last year up front and Johnson will help that. I had them taking Geno Smith in my previous mock, but with him off the board they won't reach for someone else.

previous pick: QB Geno Smith

8. Bills select QB Matt Barkley, USC: I might be crazy as some have Barkley dropping to the 3rd round, but I just feel convinced the Bills will reach for a quarterback. There's just no way they dumped Fitzpatrick and signed Kevin Kolb to be stuck with the veteran has their main passer. Barkley can sit behind Kolb for a year (or probably less) and learn the system. The only question in my mind is if they take another QB like Manuel, Nassib or Dysert.

previous pick: QB Matt Barkley

9. Jets select  DE Ezekiel "Ziggy" Ansah: Mingo, Lotulelei and Jarvis Jones are all options here and I could see the Jets going in any of those directions. The question is just who they like best.

previous pick: Jarvis Jones

10. Titans select G Chance Warmack, Alabama: The Titans are committed to getting offensive line help and I believe they will take the best player on the board, guard or tackle.

previous pick: Lane Johnson

11. Chargers select G Jonathan Cooper, North Carolina : The Chargers were set on Warmack if they fell to him and now they have to decide if they reach for Jonathan Cooper or pick for value instead. I think Tavon Austin, Mingo, Jarvis Jones and Cooper are all possibilities here. I just have this weird vibe teams will freak out early for O-line help.

previous pick: Barkevious Mingo

12. Dolphins select CB Xavier Rhodes, Florida State: The consensus seems to be that the Fins are locked and loaded on secondary help and Rhodes is by far the best left.

previous pick: Chance Warmack

13. Buccaneers select  DT Star Lotulelei, Utah: I pray this guy drops to the Saints, I would be thrilled beyond belief to get him, but there is no way the Bucs would pass on this kind of talent this deep into the first round.

previous pick: Star Lotulelei

14. Panthers select DT Sheldon Richardson, Missouri: The Panthers were hoping for Lotulelei but with him gone they select the next best interior player available.

previous pick: Cordarrelle Patterson

15. Saints select LB Jarvis Jones, Georgia: The Saints are sitting pretty here as they get to decide between Jones and Mingo. Mingo is less of a sure thing because of his light frame and undeveloped technique and Jones is a health risk. Assuming the Saints are ok with his prognosis, Jones is more NFL ready and will be able to start and make an impact in year one. I see Mingo as more of a project. As I've said before though, I'm rooting for Star Lotulelei to drop to 15.

previous pick: Kenny Vacarro

16: Rams select  WR Tavon Austin, West Virginia: I have little doubt about this pick if Austin is available. I feel as confident about this one as any.

previous pick: Tavon Austin

17. Steelers select DE Barkevious Mingo, LSU: This has Mingo dropping much further than most mocks, but if he's available at 17 there is no way the Steelers pass on him. They need a pass rushing presence to replace James Harrison.

previous pick: Bjoern Werner

18. Cowboys select S Kenny Vacarro, Texas: Vacarro has that kind of "it" factor that Jerry Jones loves in a football player. Big hitter, good anticipation and nice physicality.

previous pick: Jonathan Cooper

19. Giants select T D. J. Fluker, Alabama: He projects as a right tackle only but would give the Giants a big boost in protection and power up front. He is massive.

previous pick: Sheldon Richardson

20. Bears select LB Alec Ogletree, Georgia: The idea of tight end Tyler Eifert coming to the Bears here is gaining a lot of traction, but I stick to my theory they want a replacement for Brian Urlacher.

previous pick: Alec Ogletree

21. Bengals select S Matt Elam, Florida: I think the Bengals will give Bjoern Werner and maybe Eddie Lacy some consideration here, but ultimately they badly need safety help and they think Elam is the best player on the board anyway.

previous pick: Damontre Moore

22. Rams select RB Eddie Lacy, Alabama: The Rams walk away with a much more potent offense from this draft.

previous pick: Eddie Lacy

23. Vikings select DT Sylvester Williams, North Carolina: I have this pick between Desmond Trufant and Sylvester Williams. Just a question of whether they want secondary help or interior help, as they need both. I decided on Williams because that was my original pick and the Vikings have a penchant for interior defenders named Williams.

previous pick: Sylvester Williams

24. Colts select T Menelik Watson, Florida State: Andrew Luck is their prized possession and they want to make sure he stays healthy. They pick the best lineman on the board. DJ Fluker could happen here too if he drops.

previous pick: Keenan Allen

25. Vikings select CB Desmond Trufant, Washington: This one is a tough call. With Williams on board two picks prior, they can now go with Trufant, or get a pass rusher like Bjoern Werner or tackler like Manti Te'o. But I do think they'll go corner.

previous pick: Xavier Rhodes

26. Packers select WR Corderrelle Patterson, Tennessee: With Greg Jennings gone they need help at that position and they are surprised Patterson fell to them.

previous pick: D. J. Fluker

27. Houston Texas select WR Keenan Allen, California: I truly believe they want a young explosive receiver to pair with Andre Johnson. The options here are Keenan Allen, DeAndre Hopkins, Robert Woods or Justin Hunter.

previous pick: DeAndre Hopkins

28. Broncos select DE Bjoern Werner, Florida State: The Broncos get huge value here and they get a pass rusher to replace the loss of Dumervil.

previous pick: Johnathan Hankins

29: Patriots select CB D.J. Hayden, Houston: They are desperate for defensive back help. Until they improve that secondary, they're not going back to the Super Bowl even if they have Tom Brady and a potent offense. Don't rule out a receiver with Welker defecting, either, but I think they take the best corner left. Jamar Taylor of Boise State is another option.

previous pick: Desmond Trufant

30. Falcons select TE Tyler Eifert, Notre Dame: I'm between tight end, to get a good player to replace Tony Gonzalez who is definitely gone after this year, and a corner because they lost both Dunta Robinson and Brent Grimes and they need bodies to cover dangerous receivers in their division. Corner is a bigger immediate need, but tight end is better value here. I think the Falcons are a good enough team overall to pick for value. Jamar Taylor and Zach Ertz are possibilities here too.

previous pick: Desmond Trufant

31. 49ers select S Jonathan Cyprien, Florida International: Goldson is gone and Cyprien has been shooting up boards.

previous pick: John Jenkins

32. Ravens select LB Manti Te'o, Notre Dame: Sticking with this one as the heir to Ray Lewis.

previous pick: Manti Te'o