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Saints Nation’s Top 10 Plays of the 2013 Season: #1 – Shayne Graham’s Game Winning Field Goal at Philadelphia

Saints history was made this season when the team went into Philadelphia and won their first ever road playoff game. Because of the historical component and what it meant to a lifelong fan like me, who was constantly told by the older generation that the Saints would never amount to anything ever, this measly 32 yard field goal was just massive. Sure the Saints have been on to bigger and better things than this win when you consider 2009, but this was a milestone that still needed to be reached. Shayne Graham had barely been with the Saints a month and he was called on to kick what would be my #1 play of the Saints' 2013 season. The make sent the Saints to Seattle, but it meant so much more than that. It told the national media that this team had the stones to go on the road, in the cold, and grind out a playoff win. Enjoy what I consider the Saints' top play this season:



The Top 10 List:

#1 Shayne Graham's Game Winning Kick in Philadelphia

#2 Jimmy Graham Breaking Falcons' Goal Post 

#3 Controversial Sack/Personal Foul by 49ers

#4 Game Winning Play in Week One Against Falcons

#5 Breaking the NFL First Down Record Against the Cowboys

#6 Robert Meachem's Crazy Catch in Playoffs Against Seahawks

#7 Drew Brees touchdown pass to Kenny Stills on 3rd and 20 vs. Bills

#8 Marques Colston's 31 yard Catch at Tampa To Set Up Game Winning Field Goal

#9 Drew Brees touchdown pass to Kenny Stills on 3rd and 20 at Patriots

#10 Travaris Cadet's 82 yard kick return