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Saints Nation’s Top 10 Plays of the 2013 Season: #2 – Jimmy Graham Breaking Falcons’ Goal Post

You could make a really strong argument for this moment being deserving of the #1 play of the season. To sweep the Falcons and do this to them IN THEIR OWN STADIUM is justification enough for Jimmy Graham getting whatever contract he asks for. And if you ask some people (ahem, Marijn) this was completely intentional. I have one that tops, and you can probably guess what that is. Still, this is not only my favorite moment of 2013 but one of my favorite as a Saints fan ever. Here it is:



The Top 10 List:

#2 Jimmy Graham Breaking Falcons' Goal Post 

#3 Controversial Sack/Personal Foul by 49ers

#4 Game Winning Play in Week One Against Falcons

#5 Breaking the NFL First Down Record Against the Cowboys

#6 Robert Meachem's Crazy Catch in Playoffs Against Seahawks

#7 Drew Brees touchdown pass to Kenny Stills on 3rd and 20 vs. Bills

#8 Marques Colston's 31 yard Catch at Tampa To Set Up Game Winning Field Goal

#9 Drew Brees touchdown pass to Kenny Stills on 3rd and 20 at Patriots

#10 Travaris Cadet's 82 yard kick return