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Saints Nation’s Top 10 Plays of the 2013 Season: #9 Drew Brees’ Touchdown Pass to Kenny Stills on 3rd and 20 at Patriots

Drew Brees threw more than one 3rd and 20 touchdown pass to Kenny Stills this season and you will get a chance to see the other one soon, but this one gave the Saints a 24-23 lead late over the Patriots. The Saints would end up losing this game in heartbreaking fashion, but it was still a big time play against tall odds in double coverage. Hopefully a sign of things to come from Kenny Stills. See the footage below on a fan video. Not great footage but you get a feel for the crowd noise and how quiet it gets, which is awesome.


The top 10 list:

#9 Drew Brees touchdown pass to Kenny Stills on 3rd and 20 at Patriots

#10 Travaris Cadet's 82 yard kick return