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Saints Nation: Saints’ Announced Training Camp Schedule

I am way late on getting to this but I wanted to at least acknowledge that the Saints have finally announced how training camp will look in terms of days and times. The schedule is below, which I lifted from WWLTV.com

Thurs. July 25          Reporting Day

Fri. July 26               Practice 8:50-11:50 am

Sat. July 27              Practice 8:50-11:50 am

Sun. July 28             Practice 8:50-11:50 am

Mon. July 29            Practice 8:50-11:50 am

Tues. July 30           Practice 8:50-11:50 am

Wed. July 31            Practice 8:50-11:50 am

Thurs. Aug. 1           Practice 8:50-11:50 am 

Fri. Aug. 2                Practice 4:00-6:50 pm     

Sat. Aug. 3               Scrimmage TBA     

Sun. Aug. 4              Players Day Off       

Mon. Aug. 5             Practice 4:30-6:30 pm 

Tues. Aug. 6            Practice 8:50-11:50 am     

Wed. Aug. 7             Practice 8:50-11:50 am     

Thur. Aug. 8             Practice 4:30-6:30 pm     

Fri. Aug. 9                Saints vs. Chiefs 7 pm     

Sat. Aug. 10             Players Day Off       

Sun. Aug. 11            Practice 4:30-6:30 pm     

Mon. Aug. 12           Practice 8:50-11:50 am     

Tues. Aug. 13           Practice 8:50-11:50 am     

Wed. Aug. 14           Practice 8:50-11:50 am     

Thurs. Aug. 15         Practice 4:30-6:30 pm     

Fri. Aug. 16              Saints vs. Raiders 7 pm    

As the site mentions these are all open to the public with the exception of reporting day. It's kind of weird seeing no two-a-days on this list thanks to the new CBA. Can you imagine having a job that just asks you to work out two hours a day? Man, NFL players have it made.

Are you planning to make it out to any of these practices?