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Saints Nation: Saints Cut Ties With Romeus, Waive 2011 Draft Pick

And just like that, Greg Romeus’ career may be over. The Saints have waived Romeus from the roster instead of placing him on injured reserve, and the 7th round draft pick in 2011 will now attempt to recover from a major knee injury to prepare himself for a chance to play somewhere in 2013. Without the luxury of a contract next season now, Romeus will have to prove he’s 100% next season before anyone would even consider signing him. The Saints could still bring him back, of course, and I know the Saints like him so they would probably be willing to give him a chance if he can show he’s recovered. I had high hopes for Romeus to get some significant playing time this season, so how this played out is disappointing, and I’m sure he’s devastated by it. Sports can really be unfair to some athletes sometimes.

To replace him on the roster…

the Saints have signed linebacker Donavan Robinson. Robinson is an undrafted rookie this season that played defensive end in college, but is listed as an outside linebacker – so it’s entirely possible the Saints plan to have him compete at end to fill in for the loss of Romeus more directly. Based on the amount of talent and depth the Saints have at linebacker, there is virtually zero chance of Robinson making this team if he remains at that position. Robinson, from Jackson State, was waived most recently by the New York Jets after spending part of the offseason with them. Robinson posted 30 career college sacks, including 16 last season (!) so while the Jets didn’t seem too impressed with him it sure looks like he has a knack for getting to the quarterback. He still sounds like a tweener physically that played poor competition in college, so he’s likely a camp body, but with those kind of college stats he’s definitely worth a serious look at defensive end. Maybe the Saints can find a place for him as a situational pass rusher.