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Saints Nation: Saints Emerge from Rookie Mini Camp

The Saints wrapped up the rookie mini camp over the weekend, and presumably signed tryout players based on the weekend to round out their roster to the allowed 90. The roster was at 87 prior to that camp. Two players signed are known and both are local(ish) products. WR Brent Leonard of UL-Monroe, pictured, and CB Korey Lindsey of Southern Illinois, who is from Baton Rouge, are your newest members of the black and gold. I'm assuming there's a third guy that's yet to be named. Leonard is an undrafted rookie, and Lindsey is a third year pro that was originally taken by the Bengals in the 7th round of the 2011 NFL draft. Liam Neeson had very little to do with it.

What's interesting is that…

the media was completely barred from any of the weekend proceedings, so no one really knows how it went. The NFL didn't mandate the teams open up the practices, so the Saints didn't. Clearly the Sean Pamphilon experience has resulted in private doors being bolted down harder than ever. Unless you're the FBI and you're wire tapping Loomis (see what I did there?) or you have a warrant, you won't be infiltrating the Saints' walls this year. Cool to see two young Louisiana boys perform well in the mini camp and get a shot at training camp, though.