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Saints Nation: Saints Hiding Out in Cincinnati away from Isaac

The Saints are hiding out from Hurricane Isaac up in Cincinnati, and they are scheduled to conclude their preseason tomorrow night as they face the Titans in Nashville. The starters are not expected to play much, and some keys players (Graham, Sproles, Lofton, Brees etc…) won’t play at all. The one thing you can look forward to that will be new is rookie receiver Nick Toon, who is finally healthy enough to play and figures to get extensive playing time against the Titans tomorrow. 

Obviously it’s hard to think about football at a time like this. My mom is riding out the storm in Metairie and I have numerous other family members all over the city currently suffering through the hurricane as you read this. I want to wish best of luck to all of the gulf coast dealing with this storm. Please know all of Who Dat Nation is thinking about you. I want to acknowledge the residents of Plaquemines Parish especially who have endured flooding up to their roofs – a Katrina disaster level repeat for them, something so many of us are unfortunate enough to be familiar with. In due time we can all get back to start thinking about football, and for some of us it will be as soon as tomorrow night’s preseason game. Until then, our thoughts and prayers should remain with the Louisiana/Mississippi coast during this storm. Godspeed to you all.