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Saints Nation: Saints Hire Steve Spagnuolo

It’s official, Steve Spagnuolo is the new defensive coordinator of the New Orleans Saints replacing Gregg Williams. Spags comes to the Saints regarded as one of the premiere defensive minds in the game and there’s no question on paper this is a great hire. The team’s window to compete for championships is now and they need a top notch coach to get the most out of the defensive unit to at least occassionally help this historical offense. I agree with most comments out there that this is a very solid pick up of a guy that was quite coveted.

Spags is a 4-3 specialist that apparently has a but more of a positive and upbeat attitude compared to Gregg Williams who’s regarded as crass and fiery. Those of you that are calling for a change to 3-4 will have to get over it because it’s not happening. In fact, I don’t think a drastic change on defense is the answer. The Saints’ offense is going to carry them, but their personnel and players are built for the 4-3 system. When you’re an elite team you don’t rock the boat and blow things up. I do still expect a number of changes in terms of players defensively, but I don’t expect a complete overhaul.

Welcome to New Orleans coach!