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Saints Nation: Saints in Serious Trouble for Player Bounty Program

Gregg Williams left the Saints unceremoniously after that defensive #@%$show exit the last two years of the playoffs, but the D’s performance at Seattle and at San Francisco are no longer the most notable negative impression Gregg Williams leaves New Orleans with. The Saints have now been publicly exposed with running a “player bounty program”, which among other things rewarded the Saints’ defensive players financially if they knocked opposing players out of games. Gregg Williams reportedly ran this program, which is completely against NFL rules. They layman term for this is “head hunting”. The penalties, which will be levied in the next month most likely, could include fines, suspensions, and forfeiture of drafts picks. And you better believe the Saints will get heavily punished for this. The Patriots were blasted for spying… At a time where player safety is at a premium, you have to imagine that intentionally hurting players and getting paid extra to do so will suffer much greater penalties.

Needless to say, Gregg Williams has gotten the Saints in big, big trouble. Most troubling is the reports that Tom Benson became aware of this and ordered Mickey Loomis to stop it immediately. Word is Loomis and Sean Payton both did nothing to cease continuation of the bounty program. You’ll remember Kurt Warner and Brett Favre getting rocked in the 2009 playoffs by Bobby McCray, and it sounds like this was largely motivated by this approach. I would say Mickey Loomis’ job has got to be in jeopardy, if he directly disobeyed the orders of Tom Benson.

Right in the middle of this stressful Drew Brees contract situation this is the last thing the Saints needed.

This is as appropriate time as ever to reiterate: $%&# Gregg Williams.