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Saints Nation: Saints Let Game Slip Away in Overtime, Lose 24-27 to Chiefs

Lots of people are blaming the Saints defense on this one, and yes they did give up 510 yards of total defense, but this performance was dysfuntional from top to bottom and if you are looking to point the finger at one thing then forget it because this team has so many holes right now they have no chance at success. I for one feel the offense perhaps deserves the lion share of the blame for completely shutting it down once they had a 24-6 lead. How they managed to just completely quit and allow the Chiefs to slowly bleed their defense to a win is perhaps what is most disheartening. This was just an absolutely dreadful offensive performance once the score went to 24-6. Below are my bullets on the game.

  • Drew Brees goes for long stretches where he just looks lost and plays awful this season. This game was no exception. Once the score was 24-6, he fell apart.
  • Jimmy Graham dropped so many easy catches it makes me sick to even think about it.
  • The Saints run defense was scandalous. Too bad, because the back end I thought played extremely well in coverage, especially considering how much time Matt Cassel had to throw.
  • Jamaal Charles had 33 carries for 233 yards. Not a typo.
  • The Saints receivers are getting zero separation. Marques Colston had two catches on the opening drive, and just one more catch the rest of the game.
  • The referees in this game were positively clueless and atrocious on both sides. Beyond words really. Honestly neither team deserved this win. The officiating was so poor it’s unreal this will go down in the books and NFL history as an official game. It was a comedy, not an NFL football game. There is nothing I can say that would fully explain just how terrible the officiating was. With the gift of replay, they were able to overturn some bad calls, but it didn’t stop them from reversing a call that had not nearly enough visual evidence to support the decision.
  • As bad as the refs were, this loss is on the Saints. Again, they had a 24-6 and had the football numerous times with a two score and one score lead. The offense shut it down. Jimmy Graham seemed like he was purposefully dropping balls. The line got zero push. It seemed like they gave up preparing to coast to a victory. With that defense you just can’t ever fall asleep at the wheel.
  • The defense actually had 3 sacks and I have no idea how they pulled that off because the pressure was non existant.
  • Garrett Hartley missed a 38 yard field goal. Awful.
  • I still can’t believe the Saints found a way to lose this game. The Chiefs were bad throughout with the exception of Jamaal Charles and they were dead to rights. To let this one escape has to be one of the biggest gaffes I’ve ever seen. I seriously doubt any other team in the entire league would have surrended that loss to the Chiefs at home with a lead like that.
  • I officially think Aaron Kromer is not fit to coach this team and is doing a terrible job.
  • Steve Spagnuolo is doing a terrible job.
  • Pete Carmichael Jr is doing a terrible job.
  • Actually, there’s only a handful of players I can say are performing well. Most of them are doing a terrible job.

So there you go. I sit here typing this still dumbfounded as to how this happened. 0-3. Start thinking about the 2013 NFL Draft. We miss you coach Payton. Hope you’re happy Roger, congratulations.