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Saints Nation: Saints Lose Preseason Finale to Titans 10-6

The preseason is over and the Saints leave Nashville with a 10-6 loss at the hands of the Titans. The Saints played very few players of any true importance and had quarterback Sean Canfield play the entirety of the game. The Saints did get a long look at a number of backups to give them one last roll of tape to consider as they finalize their last 22 cuts tomorrow. Below are my brief thoughts on the uneventful game.

  • The Saints only had two field goal attempts, and Garrett Hartley took both. That’s perhaps the final sign that the job is his. Fortunately for him, he connected on kicks of 38 and 21 yards and did nothing to hurt his positioning in the process. Safe to say John Kasay’s tenure as a Saint is over. 
  • Sean Canfield looked OK in the first half and abysmal in the second with three bad turnovers. But who cares, really, because like I’ve been saying for a long time, Donovan McNabb has a greater chance of taking a snap for the Saints this season than Sean Canfield. 
  • The Chris Ivory vs. Travaris Cadet battle was perhaps dictacted most by a lost fumble and an injury by Cadet. Cadet looked banged up late in the game. Both players seem to run the ball fairly effectively and Cadet showed his usual flash making receptions out of the backfield, but I have a hard time seeing the Saints let Ivory go.
  • Tyrunn Walker continues to make a statement this preseason as he notched another sack. He has done the most with his playing time and deserves a practice squad spot at worst.
  • It didn’t look like there were any major injuries, but Travaris Cadet, Johnny Patrick, Joe Morgan and Jose Gumbs all got banged up. Hopefully Patrick in particular isn’t serious because that’s a loss the Saints can ill afford, but he’s got a good 10 days to recover and he looked ok on the sidelines.
  • Sean Canfield mostly threw to backs out of the backfield it seemed, but when he went downfield he mostly got the tight ends (Michael Higgins and Derek Schouman) involved. Both looked pretty good. As for receivers, the ones that got the most action were Joe Morgan before the injury and Greg Camarillo. Nick Toon looked rusty and didn’t make much happen. He finished the night with 2 receptions for 6 yards. Hard to say if Toon makes this roster.
  • The defense I thought played pretty well overall. They created one turnover thanks to Isa Abdul-Quddus, did a good job getting off the field on 3rd downs, and limited the Titans’ passing game with pretty solid coverage. 
  • The backup offensive line did a very bad job of pass protection late, with some major mistakes by Charles Brown and Eric Olsen in particular. I actually feel pretty bad about depth across the o-line this year so let’s hope the Saints see no injuries there.

That’s all I got. Another very boring game. Thanks goodness preseason is over. Expect my final 53 man roster prediction tomorrow along with the cut announcements when they came in. They are officially due at 9pm EST tomorrow.