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Saints Nation: Saints Re-Sign Leigh Torrence, to Lose Reggie Bush and Remi Ayodele?

Good lord things are moving fast. I go to sleep for 6 hours and 3 huge pieces of news get released while I’m out. First, the Saints have re-signed Leigh Torrence, per his twitter account. I lobbied for this to happen recently as I thought the Saints were lucky to have guys like him, so I’m glad to see him back as a special teams ace. 

Saints starting defensive tackle also tweeted last night “Been a fun ride NOLA” which obviously leads us all to believe he’s on the way out. The Saints signed mammoth DT Shaun Rogers in the offseason, presumably to take Ayodele’s starting spot on the defensive line, but the Saints were still hoping to bring big Remi back for depth. It looks as though he’s maybe signed with another team.

Lastly, and arguably the biggest piece of news, Jay Glazer has reported that the Saints and Dolphins have reached a tentative agreement on a sign and trade deal with Reggie Bush. Glazer later goes on to say…

“Bush’s agent Joel Segal negotiating w Dolphins tonight. It also hinges upon Bush taking deal and not deciding to stick w NO at reduced rate”. Glazer has a good relationship with Sean Payton so I absolutely 100% believe this story to be true. It sounds like the chances of Reggie staying in NOLA are dim, but could still happen if he decides he’d rather stick around. This is a surprise because most thought Bush would either renegotiate his current deal or get released. This trade is pending a new contract being signed, but it would likely give the Saints a low draft pick in return.  

While I think it’s safe to say Torrence is a done deal, I’m still going to wait on the official reports on Bush & Ayodele before we kiss them goodbye for sure. Would be sad to see them both go, but neither was unexpected.