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Saints Nation: Saints Should Absolutely Beat Rams

There is almost no way the Saints lose this Sunday. There, I said it. This matchup is so skewed on paper I hesitate to even acknowledge the possibility that this potentially qualifies as a trap game. I’m going to stop short of saying it’s a physical impossibility the Saints lose, because we all remember what happened against the Browns and Cardinals last year. Still, it would take a collapse of epic porportions for the Saints to drop this one. We’re talking injuries, penalties, turnovers, dropped passes, missed field goals… all of the above. Literally, it would take the Saints completely imploding for them to drop this game. A perfect storm would have to hit the Think I’m setting them up for fail? Wait till you consider these facts:

  • The Rams’ starting quarterback, Sam Bradford, has been out with a high ankle sprain and has yet to practice this week. That means veteran sucker A.J. Feeley is most likely in line to start. He has a career 69.1 QB Rating (27 career TDs, 30 career INTs).
  • The Rams have scored less points (56) this season than the Saints scored last week (62).
  • This game features the #1 scoring team in the NFL (Saints) vs. the worst scoring team in the entire league (Rams).
  • The Rams are not only 32nd in points scored, they’re 31st in points allowed. That means they’re giving up more points than all but one team in the league while scoring less than anyone. Sounds like the recipe for an 0-6 team to me
  • This game pins the #2 ranked offense overall in the NFL (1st in points) against the 29th ranked overall defense (31st in points). 
  • The Rams’ closest game was a 7 point loss at home to an mediocre Redskins team. Every other game was a double digit loss.
  • They can’t score and they can’t stop anybody.

Still think I’m jinxing the Saints? The any given Sunday rule applies universally, of course, and there is a reason they play the game. Otherwise, we’d already know the result. I will say, though, a Rams win would qualify as one of the biggest upsets in regular season history. I am prepared to go that far.

In other news, it’s looking more and more likely that Mark Ingram will be held out and that Chris Ivory will be activated. My guess is that Tory Humphrey will get released just before gametime on Sunday to make a place for Ivory on the roster. If Ingram doesn’t go, expect Ivory to get between 5 and 10 carries in this game. He could potentially see more if the game is a blowout.