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Saints Nation: Saints Sign Keyunta Dawson, Release Jay Richardson

Jay Richardson's release for make room for the 53 man roster came as a bit of a shock considering Junior Galette and Martez Wilson were so banged up going into the season's opener. The Saints did eventually bring Richardson back, but now that OLB is becoming a healthier position and the Saints continue to battle with injuries along the defensive line, they've decided to part ways with Richardson again. Because the Saints play so much nickel, an extra defensive end is actually more useful than an outside linebacker anyway. The Saints in nickel are typically using Hawthorne and Lofton as the linebackers, both ILBs in the 3-4 package, and Galette as more of a down lineman with 4 front rushers. So three healthy OLBs on the roster is plenty. With the open roster spot the Saints signed DE Keyunta Dawson.

Dawson has one career sack and has been in the league since 2007. He was originally a 7th round draft pick of the Colts and has spent most of his career there. He also spent time with the Titans and Lions. For what it's worth, Dawson had been a disaster grading on PFF in pretty much every defensive category. He does have some special teams ability, though. I wouldn't expect much. But hey, at least I found a pic of him hitting Matt Ryan!