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Saints Nation: Saints Trade Chris Ivory to Jets, Trade up in Draft for John Jenkins

That was a crazy scenario of events that just happened. The Saints were able to milk out a 4th round draft pick out of the Jets for Chris Ivory, but they then used that pick and coupled it with their own 4th round pick to move up in the third round and draft nose tackle John Jenkins out of Georgia. Wow. Jenkins is a big big man in the 350 pound range, and as much as you hear me talk about how a huge plug is necessary to do a 3-4 well, Jenkins definitely qualifies so I love this pick too. I have to say, the Saints are killing this draft. In fact, I had Jenkins going late in the 1st round of one of my mock drafts so for him to fall this low was huge. 

Here is Jenkins' write up on NFL.com.

He'll be able to come in and spell both Brodrick Bunkley and Akiem Hicks and give the Saints a nice interior rotation. This will also give Hicks the flexibility to play some at DE in the new scheme. Awesome pick up! The Saints no longer have a 4th round pick, though, so the only picks left are the 5th and 6th rounders now.