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Saints Nation: Saints Win Preseason Opener 17-10

The NFL season is officially underway and along with it came a meaningless preseason game that amused our tastebuds. The Saints won 17-10 and their starting units showed enough to get me excited. There was some sloppiness throughout, to be expected from the first game, but overall I was happy with what I witnessed. The overall experience in general was one I’ll never forget, and I have pictures/stories to tell on this blog for another time. I don’t do the player grades during preseason so we’re still a ways away from that, but below are my postgame bullet points on what I saw.

  •  The crowd vibe was incredibly lame. Compared to home games at the Superdome this felt like a passive and small crowd with no passion. I can’t imagine the players – especially the new ones – were impressed AT ALL.
  • The Saints’ opening drive on offense was extremely impressive. The line’s job in the trenches and the running game especially was outstanding. Ben Grubbs in particular picked up right where Carl Nicks left off.
  • Meeting Willie Roaf today in person was an honor. He was also more hungover than I’ve been since my 30th birthday. I can only imagine what he looked like last night. Haha. He definitely deserves it.
  • Chase Daniel might have decent looking stats, but he doesn’t get rid of the ball fast enough and he had a horrible interception in the end zone to kill a drive.
  • Kevin Kolb looked beyond atrocious and his injury might be the best thing that will happen to the Cardinals all season long. If this had been a regular season game, the Saints might have won by 50 points.
  • Sean Canfield is really really really bad. There is no way Luke McCown shouldn’t get a look.
  • Travaris Cadet gets the Onome Ojo award (trademarked and registered for Grandmaster Wang), and he’ll make a great guy for practice squad. Andy Tanner also made a great case to make the team despite getting blown up late and losing the football.
  • Adrian Arrington did not play due to a knee issue. Not good. That could be a death sentence for him, and it gives rookie Nick Toon new life.
  • The new defense looked pretty sharp – especially Curtis Lofton… the dude is GOOD.
  • Tyrunn Walker led the team with 5 tackles and a sack. Can you say practice squad? Seriously through, good first game buddy. Keep it up.
  • Martez Wilson was a beast around the edge. I told Ralphie on the podcast he needs to beat backups to prove to me he can be a force. He did that and more. The guy is ready to be a permanent fixture on pass rushing downs.
  • John Kasay had a field goal blocked late. Point, Garrett Hartley. 
  • Defensive back and kick return Laron Scott was camped underneath a punt only to watch it bounce about 5 yards away from him. Horrible. He did have an explosive kick return to make up for it. 
  • Courtney Roby needs to make this team. I almost forgot how ridiculously awesome he is as a gunner.
  • Lawrence Wilson won the game with a late 4th quarter pick. Too bad he’s suspended game one for substance abuse.
  • The starting unit offensive line was solid, the backups not so much. Fenuki Topou in particular was really bad playing on the right side. Please cut him immediately.
  • News was released just now that Vilma may get a settlement to reduce his suspension to 8 games. Getting him half way through the season? HIGH FIVE.

That’s all I got. I have a picture with Joe Morgan, Drew Brees and Mickey Loomis that I never posted on twitter to share with you guys soon. I hope you enjoyed the game! WHO DAT.