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Saints Nation: Several Former Saints Still Looking for Jobs

Four players still looking for jobs that played in black and gold last season are out there hoping an NFL will sign them. They are Devery Henderson, Scott Shanle, Elbert Mack and Sedrick Ellis. Shanle and Mack haven't really sniffed much of any interest, and while Mack at 26 was decent enough last year that he may get a look later in the offseason, it's looking more and more likely that Shanle is done. I'm still hoping the Saints will consider bringing Mack back, but I heard rumblings his attitude didn't impress the coaching staff much. With Henderson and Ellis, though, I'm shocked neither has a job. 

Sed Ellis is only 28, he had three pretty good years to start his career before two absolutely awful ones more recently. Still, he's been a starter for five seasons and he was drafted 7th overall. He never lived up to that status, of course, but it's a head scratcher when you consider Jason Smith, at 27, has a job with the Saints. He was the 2nd overall pick and is now on his third team as two teams have given up on him and he's been unable to crack the starting lineup most recently with the Jets. There's been talk the Cardinals were looking at Ellis, but as of today he's still unemployed. I find that shocking, but I can only assume his asking price is just not realistic. 

As for Henderson, the Michael Crabtree injury in San Francisco has apparently linked him with consideration by the 49ers. But I'm also surprised he's stayed available this long on the open market. He's improved his game over the years and aged gracefully and consistently shown he's willing to be a team player and fulfill whatever role an offense asks of him. He's lost a step I think, but at 31 he's also rounded his game enough that he's not just a one trick pony speedster anymore. He's a fairly polished receiver with multiple skills. 

Are you at all surprised Ellis and Henderson are still out there begging for a job? What about Mack? Do you see these guys landing somewhere soon?