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Saints Nation: The Refs are Back, But Being a Saints Fan Still Sucks This Season

So it looks like there will be new referees this weekend, or old refs if you prefer, for the Saints @ Packers game on Sunday. That’s right, a deal with both sides appears complete and it will mean a return to the normal refs for as soon as this week’s games. Too bad the Saints won’t get a free win, then, because Packers’ offensive lineman T.J. Lang suggested they were considering taking a knee on every down. Perhaps that’s poor sportsmanship on my part to want to take advantage of an opponent who may give you the win and not try, but at this point I am that desperate for a win and I’m that convinced that anything that remotely resembles minimal effort will result in a Packers blowout win. That said, I was told “I have word from one of the Saints offensive leaders that they are thinking the same thing”, so of course the team is so bad right now they couldn’t even manage a win against someone kneeling on every play. I kid, I kid.

So now we’ll have normal refs and everything will be fine and dandy right? Wrong.

The reality is officials have been blamed for countless losses, fairly or unfairly, by all fanbases since the beginning of time. Were these replacements even worse? Yes, by a country mile. But the Saints are still subject to one man’s biased opinion in real time, and hopefully a challenge if it’s a reviewable play. I do wonder if the Saints would have beat Kansas City and might be 1-2 right now if there had been a proper officiating crew last Sunday, but you can also bet your life savings we’ll blame a loss on the refs in the near future regardless of the “competent ones” coming back. It’s almost like we’ve forgotten how much we complained about them on a game to game basis. Just don’t expect this news to change much is all I’m saying, the Saints’ product on the field is crap regardless of who is officiating them right now… and based on their public black eye this offseason there’s still plenty of ill willed people with unethical agendas and axes to grind against the Saints. Oh, you think I’m going all conspiracy theory on you? Well, consider the agendas that Roger Goodell has furthered unfairly. Consider the evidence he’s tampered with, leaked to the press, and manipulated to strengthen his position. Consider the power he has had over this whole referee situation throughout. Now tell me he’s certainly above corrupting officials if it meant generating more income or if he felt threatened. Didn’t think so. The good news is the Sean Payton suspension seems to have beheaded the Saints’ franchise to the point where rigging games won’t be necessary. But cool, at least we’ll reduce the number of blown calls by 17%. Saints fans rejoice!