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Saints Nation: The Saints Need a Veteran Cornerback in the Mix ASAP

Before I get rolling with this post I want to once again give a heartfelt shout out to all our troops and quickly remember what makes Memorial Day so special. It's them. So if you've served or are currently serving and you read this blog, please know that while these words can't ever possibly match the level of commitment you've given, it hopefully goes at least a little way in making you feel appreciated. My grandfather, grandmother and father in law all served in the military and they did it so I wouldn't have to… so the sincerity of my "thank you" does really come from the bottom of my heart. Anyway, the Saints need a veteran corner, desperately. Remember when Tracy Porter and Nnamdi Asomugha were lowballed yet pursued in an attempt to bring them on board AFTER the Saints landed Keenan Lewis? Well, nothing's changed since they whiffed on both.

Consider the depth chart: Keenan Lewis, Jabari Greer, Patrick Robinson, Corey White. There's your top four corners. Yes, I know P-Rob was listed ahead of Jabari this week but if that's the case come week one then either Rob Ryan should be institutionalized or our cornerback depth is even worse than I imagined. And I imagine it being bad. Those are the top four corners assuming no one gets hurt between now and September 8th. Behind those four players is five corners that have less experience than Corey White, and they've all come to the team undrated. They are A. J. Davis, Korey Lindsey, Ryan Steed, Rod Sweeting and Dion Turner. It would be awesome if one of these guys panned out, but I'm not exactly holding my breath. Moving Malcolm Jenkins back to corner with safety being so deep out of nowhere is also an option, especially should the Saints not sign anyone. In fact, Jenkins could be moved and pretty much immediately be listed ahead of everyone at nickel. But the fact that Corey White is your #4 corner assuming no one gets hurt, and that your #5 corner (a guy who presumably makes the 53 man roster) is possibly named Lindsey… yeah, I'm worried. I'm also uncertain if Jabari Greer still has it, and I'm uncertain P-Rob ever had it. 

Still available are Sheldon Brown, Nate Clements, Jacob Lacey, Quentin Jammer, William Middleton, Shawntae Spencer, Cedric Griffin, Rashean Mathis, Terrence McGee, Elbert Mack. I'm not convinced Corey White is better than any of these guys. I'm convinced all of these guys are better than anyone behind White, and I'm also convinced these guys would all sign for cheap. With the newfound cap space, what are the Saints waiting on? The worse thing that happens is they're old and washed up, and they get cut during the preseason right? (Note- I'll settle for John Abraham).