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Saints Nation: There’s a New Jrue in Town

Ok it's not quite "Drew" but you get the idea. The New Orleans Pelicans of the NBA, owned by Saints' owner Tom Benson, made a blockbuster trade yesterday shipping the 6th overall pick, Nerlens Noel, as well as a first round pick in 2014 (protected 1-5) for All-Star 23 year old point guard Jrue Holiday. This of course promises nothing in terms of success, but the Pelicans have to be excited about adding a player of this caliber. Holiday joins Anthony Davis, Austin Rivers and Ryan Anderson as part of a nice young nucleus for the team to build around. While I'm a huge Pelicans fan I typically steer clear of talking about them here because this is a Saints blog, but I do like to at least mention them when there's big news (like a playoff game) or a massive signing.

Holiday represents another top notch young budding athlete that will take a prominent place in the city. The overlap with Benson now owning the team and Loomis being head of basketball operations makes the Pelicans more a part of the Saints family than ever before. Holiday represents a high profile athlete, close to the level of Anthony Davis, that will raise the recognition of New Orleans sports in general around the nation. It should also make the team entirely more fun to watch as he's an aggressive scorer that gets other players involved, and that's the kind of explosiveness the Pelicans (then Hornets) have been missing. Exciting times to be a sports fan in New Orleans, for sure. At some point I'm going to come up with a top 10 of current active sports figures in NOLA, and Holiday figures to be on it.

How do you feel about the Pelicans? Are you a fan? Don't care?