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Saints Nation: Tom Benson, Deuce McAllister and Steve Gleason Headed to Saints’ Hall of Fame

The Saints announced yesterday that Tom Benson, Deuce McAllister and Steve Gleason are all headed to the Saints Hall of Fame. Benson and McAllister are inductees, whereas Gleason will have a wing of the building named after him. Deuce remains my favorite all time Saint and Gleason isn’t far behind, so those two in particular are really special. As for Tom Benson, I’m a little surprised he wasn’t already in there, and of course it makes total sense. Longtime Saints broadcaster Jim Henderson, or Hendu, is also being honored. 

Deuce of course immediately thanked his teammates, especially his fullbacks and o-line for making this possible. That is a vintage Deuce move to credit others, and once again the guy just exudes class. No better Saint you will ever find… oh, and he happened to be pretty good too as he’s the franchise’s all time leading rusher.

Congrats to the well deserving field!