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Saints Nation: What’s Happened to Lance Moore?

Lance Moore has played in 9 of the Saints' 12 games this season, missing three with what was "hand/wrist injury". Could that be why he's been having such issues? Whatever it is, Moore has had a miserable season. In 9 games, he had 21 catches for 219 yards and 1 touchdown. Even when he is catching the ball, at an average of 2.3 times per game played, he's not doing much with it. He's had drops, not much separation and almost no plays downfield. 

Part of it has been offensive line play. There's as reason the top three receivers in terms of receptions on the Saints this year are Jimmy Graham, Darren Sproles and Pierre Thomas. Brees is having to get rid of the football MUCH sooner than he wants to. There is no question this is the worst pass protection he's had in his career as a Saint. Moore is a small player who needs time to develop his route, and Brees just doesn't have the time to wait. But as this offense has looked so stagnant the last few weeks I can't help but think they desperately need Moore to step up and have a big game.

The only game I'd say he even played reasonably well was a 6 catch 70 yard performance on the road against the Jets. Since that game he's been invisible and hasn't had more than 23 yards receiving in a game. Maybe Carolina is just what the doctor ordered? The last time he played the Panthers he had 4 catches for 121 yards. Of course their defense wasn't half as good as it is now. 

None the less, if this team is going to go anywhere and step up their offensive output, they need their playmakers to step up. And Lance Moore is a guy Brees needs to go back to trusting, and Moore needs to reward that trust. Without it, the offense may not snap out of it's recent funk.